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Welcome to DedicatedSunServers.com. We are a group of systems engineers and hardware buffs focused on installing and managing servers dedicated to hosting Sun Solaris / Oracle Solaris. We have over 10 racks of APPROVED and Solaris Certified servers for use within the same day (if needed). Our servers are in a OC12 datacenter with UPS and Backup Generators. Our machines are up and running 99% of the time and all servers are easily swapped with a stand-by server.

We have been in the hosting business for OVER 10 YEARS and are obsessed with providing A+ level technical support. We currently host medium to very large Solaris web sites and ONLY DEAL WITH DEDICATED SOLARIS HOSTING.

Need A Bigger Server

If you need a BIGGER server, please click on the Contact link above and remember to answer these 4 questions:

  1. Number of CPU's & Cores per CPU
  2. Amount of RAM and type of RAM
  3. Hard Drive Type, Capacity and Speed
  4. Bandwidth Requirements in GB

A Little About Us

We are a small group of field engineers who have once worked at Sun, HP, Dell and even Netscape. We focus our time in setting up SAFE, RELIABLE and SECURED Solaris servers and the let our customers manage their dedicated Solaris server(s) OR we can even manage them for you!

All of our Systems Administrators are Solaris Certified and have a minimum amount of 5 years of hands on Solaris experience. We have over 100 years of accumulated knowledge in Solaris. We are your ONE STOP SOLARIS HOSTING PROVIDER!

  • 24/7 Support
  • ROOT Access
  • 99% Uptime

Client Testimonials

We have been using the Sun V440 GOLD 3 servers for over 3 years and have had ZERO problems! Excellent hosting & OUTSTANDING support!

Alex Ristanovich, Informatica AG

April 2023 - Latest News - Now offering QUAD 6 Core Sun Servers with 512GB Ram & 48TB Storage

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